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Make it a Summer That you will Never Forget!!!

The "Wise Choice" is our private owned fishing boat.  It is equipped with the very latest and best in fishing electronics including 24 mile radar.  It is 26 ft in length and is 9 ft in the beam.  Two 200 hp Yamaha outboards powers it.  We are coast guard approved for 6 fishing passengers and we fish from 12 to 35 miles from the panama city pass.  We catch red snapper, grouper, kingfish, amberjack as well as others.  We enjoy taking our guests on fishing trips.  We furnish all fishing tackle.  You furnish the expense for bait, gas and oil.  A whole day of fishing for approximately $450.00.  Ask us about a trip for you.  Take some fresh gulf fish back with you.  wc1.jpg (41454 bytes wc12.jpg (41454 bytes wc15.jpg (41454 bytes

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